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Our ‘First Post’ is a bit late due to a few technical difficulties but we’re here and all set up now! We thought we’d share our first thoughts on coming back to school following homeschooling and lockdown last school year. This was written in September……..

Hi everyone and welcome to our first blog. We’re really excited to be your new Head Girl and Head Boy and are delighted to introduce you to the school’s first ever children’s blog; written by the kids for the kids! An insight into life at DGJS. So, our first blog this month we are talking about what it’s like being back at school since lock down, how we are all getting on and how we are feeling about things.

Wasn’t it great to see all our friends again? Many things are the same. We still have fun and lessons. We still have PE and Music, play and lunch together and thank goodness we still have homework!

You’ll have noticed lots of changes. We have ‘bubbles’ with our classmates and teachers, we hand sanitise between lessons and lots of hand washing and desk cleaning to help keep us all safe. Drop off and pick up are quite different, our parents think the new arrangements are great!

We have pencil cases at school and eat our packed lunches together and we can’t forget our PE kits as we wear them on PE days.

We would like to wish all the Year 4 children a great time at Skern. It was the best time of our lives and we know they’ll love it. We’re so glad it’s going ahead. Lots of events are going ahead, Year 2 had a Fire Fighter visitor, Year 3 managed a visit to Lunt Fort and we know there’s lots more exciting plans in store. Year 5 has brought us a new experience already. We have buddies in Reception who we have met already but the greeting was a little different as we met them behind glass to keep us distanced.

Things feel different but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. We’re so glad to be back. Thank you to Mrs Billington and everyone at the school for making these changes to get us back to school safely. Things are different but they’re good and we’re back. See you next month for our next blog!

Holly and Joel xxx

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  1. Amy says:

    Fantastic jobs guys

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