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This year’s Inter House Cross Country was very different to our traditional event but it was as muddy as ever despite being early in the school calendar.

Many things were different this year for example we had no spectators and it was done in our P.E lesson throughout the week for each year group. Instead of our parents watching the race, the teachers filmed the race and made a brilliant video for family to watch. This year there was no hare and no helpers from the High School and luckily we got to have hot chocolate instead of juice at the end with a cookie! One lovely difference this year was that Year 5 got to cheer on their Reception buddies in their race.

One thing that’s always the same is the competition between Lancaster and York! Every point from every runner counts towards the house scores to determine the winner. Even if you don’t win a medal you contribute valuable points for your House.

Despite the competition between the houses, we are opponents not enemies and at the end we cheer each other on no matter which house we are from and even the slower runners try their best.

Another thing that is the same is that we still had medals for the top three and certificates for every person. Mr Vernon and Miss Dicksee were as wonderful as ever and once again organised this amazing fun event. A big thank you to all of our teachers who made this such an enjoyable event.

Lancaster won – as Holly keeps reminding me! (Joel)

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