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Today Year 5 went to Beaumanor Hall for a World War II trip. Some of us dressed up and pretended we were evacuees.


I really enjoyed doing Morse code and learning to decode messages. I also enjoyed making my ID card and getting to see the World War II classroom but my favourite part was going in the air raid shelter and getting to hear playbacks of bombs dropping and sirens going off.


I enjoyed dressing up and taking on the role of an evacuee for the day. I think my dog Clyde wanted to be evacuated too! My favourite part of the day was learning Morse code and I enjoyed learning how they decoded messages. I also enjoyed exploring the grounds and buildings. Beaumanor Hall is an amazing place that played an important part in the war. Today really brought everything we’ve learned about World War II to life.

Thank you to our teachers for taking us on this trip since we haven’t been on one for a long time!

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