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I’ve still been going into school as a Keyworker. The Keyworker bubbles are mixed between 2 year groups. I’m in the Year 5 and 4 bubble so I’ve been making friends and playing with the girls and boys in Year 4. We love playing Back to Base at lunch and break times.

Our normal teachers are doing our Live lessons while other teachers are looking after us. I feel really lucky as I have Miss Dicksee and Mrs Oncul. I haven’t been in my normal classroom, we are in the ICT suite and Library instead. We even eat lunch up there!

We wear our uniform everyday, but we are allowed to wear PE kits which I prefer as it’s been really cold and snowy! All the Keyworker children have learnt to log on to Zoom lessons and upload their work independently. I think the Live lessons are really cool. I like wearing the headphones to listen to Miss Reason and Mrs Baker teach me. Last week we started using Break out rooms which is where the teachers can put the people on the Zoom lesson, into separate ‘rooms’ to chat amongst ourselves about our work. Olivia and I got to do our Maths together as well as the girls got to do their English together. It was really exciting to see my friends!

I’m having fun with it all and am learning loads more about computers (I wasn’t so good before!) but I can’t wait for school to go back to normal! 

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