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Since Christmas, all of my Year 5 classes have been online at home. I still have to wear my uniform and be on time but I don’t see my friends in person but on camera. Luckily, my teachers know how to do breakout rooms in zoom and that’s when I get to chat with friends a bit more.

Our topic this term is World War II and we are learning about when children were evacuated during the war to keep them safe. Maybe lockdown isn’t so bad after all….

In Science we did an experiment to find out which foods are perishable and which are not by putting out two plates with the same five foods on each. One plate went in a cold environment and one in a warm environment. The salmon got really smelly!

Last week we did cooking on zoom with Miss Reason and that is my highlight. I am going to try to do a lot more cooking at the Dixie Year 5 baking classes that I am starting next week.

I miss my PE sessions  twice a week which is normally the time I get out in the fresh air and have loads of fun on the school field and in the barn. I think Mr V and Miss D will be missing us too.

Hopefully we will be back to the classrooms again soon to see our friends and keep learning. I am looking forward to having my final term at Junior School.

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